Rules For Entry Into The RecordBook

All trophy entries must have been taken legally and tagged in accordance with the rules and regulations listed in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Big Game Guide.

“Trophies taken this year” must be accompanied by a signed and dated New York State Big Game tag.

A deer is not eligible if spotted from the air and taken the same day, if taken with the aid of electronics, radio devices, walkie-talkies or from fenced enclosures.

A trophy cannot be officially scored until 60 days from the date it was taken. During that 60 days the antlers must be air-dried at normal room temperature. Not frozen or stored in a freezer.

To be eligible for the gun or archery categories the skull plate cannot be broken or split. 

Broken Antlers: Antler beams and/or points can be measured only to the point where they were broken. Repaired beams or antler points cannot be measured. Broken skull plates will be eligible only in shed antler category.

All antlers must be scored by an Official Big Buck Club measurer.

Please send Score sheets, $25 Fee and Photos to:

NYSBBC Records Chairman
147 Dogtail Corners Road
Wingdale, NY 12594

All scoring is done in accordance with Boone & Crockett Scoring System for Whitetail Deer and Bear. All Deer and Bear entries must have been taken under the Rules of Fair Chase as attested to by the signatures of the hunter and witness to the kill.

A falsification on the Fair Chase Affidavit or entry is grounds for dismissal from the New York State Big Buck Club

A false statement is grounds for the entry to be rejected with no future entries accepted and all past entries dropped from NYSBBC Records. The Trophy taker agrees that the the acceptance of his entry belongs to the the NYSBBC Board of Directors and their decision is final in all respects.

The largest New York Whitetail Bucks taken each Fall must be scored by a panel of (3) NYSBBC official Measurers in order to be eligible for Big Buck Club oil painting for largest bucks of the year.

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