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This page was designed for hunters to upload photos of their New York State  Whitetails. Below you will find a submission form where you can send us a photo(s) of you and your buck and tell us a little about the buck.

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1. Entering the Category and Score - In order to keep the page uniform we ask that you enter this information using this format - ex. Typical Gun 120-4

Categories - Typical, Non-Typical, Gun, Archery, Muzzloader

2. Tell Us About Your Trophy - Tell us a little bit about your buck. How many points, weight, spread etc. You can even tell a little about the hunt if you like.

3. Uploading Your Photos - Click on the browse button to choose photos from your computer. You can upload as many as four (4) photos if you like. The ideal photo size would be at least 300 - 500 pixels wide in .jpg or .gif format.

Photos of you and your buck in an outdoor setting are prefered. Photos taken after the kill in the field are best, but a quality pic of you and your antlers or mount taken with an outdoor background are okay as well.

4. Name and Location - Enter you full name (first and last name ) in the "Name" box. In the "Location" box you just need to put the County and Date of the kill.

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Other New York Record Book Buck Photos

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Typical Gun, 136 4/8 
He’s a typical nine point at grossed 136 4/8. I took him in genesee county on the second day of gun season. He is 18 inches wide.

Typical green gross 181 1/8 net 175 6/8  
Big 12 pointer with less than 6 inch of deductions. Chased him for 2 yrs. TC .308

Typical bow 151 
November 3rd. Green score 151. 206lbs dressed. 20 inch spread. 5 1/2 thick browtines.

Non Typical Gun, 174 3/8 
Weighed 197 pounds after a hard rut, Harvested this deer in Ontario county on November 27th 2022 at around 3:50ish. I had my eye on this deer for 3 …

Typical gun,154 7/8 
Shot on my land in Hilton with a shot gun. Sat all season waiting to get an eye on this buck, had him on my trail cam and on Nov 21, 2020, he showed up …

Typical Crossbow 148 2/8 net 
Just at the magical hour this 10 pointer came out on a mission. Took one look at his rack and never looked again just focusing on the opening and shot …

Typical Gun 143 
He weighed 202 pounds after hanging for a day. Scored 11 points due to deductions 150 gross 143 net and was at least five years. Taken on November 13, …

Muzzleloader Bear scored 19-7 
Cattauragus County... Town Allegany, NY muzzleloader kill dressed 315 lbs

Typical gun 160 6/8 
Huge HEAVY beam buck scored 165 7/8 gross 160 6/8 final score Boone and Crockett NAMED "THE MINA MONSTER " Was taken the last weekend of gun season 2017 …

Typical Rifle, 146 7/8" 
This buck was taken in the town of Avoca on opening day 2017, first thing in the morning. Actually heard him chasing doe in the dark for a good 10 minutes. …

My 9 point taken in Zoar Valley NY 2017 He came in on a very large doe. When she hit on my location he turned and I took the shot. Very thankful

Crossbow, 140-5 
I shot this 13-point buck on November 4, 2017 in Mendon, NY. It was my first time hunting with a crossbow. Gross score was 154-1.

Typical gun gross score 179 4 (green). My First deer ever! 
This was my first deer I have ever taken. Was taken in Kendall NY Nov 18 2017 at 4pm. I had watched him for 3 months roam the area. On nov 18 he came …

Typical Gun  
10-point taken in Edwards, NY... St. Lawrence County on Thanksgiving day 2017

Typical Bow 
200 lb. 10-point... Gross green score 147.75... net 141.25... Killed on November 2, 2017 in the Town of Scott, NY in Cortland County

Typical 143.4 
This ten pointer was taken opening day of shotgun, 60 degrees. This bad boy just walked right to me. Only a 15 yard shot.

Unique Rack 
Took this buck second week of gun 2016 , Just wanted to post a pic so people can see. He's unique

Typical crossbow 141 1/8 
I harvested this buck on November 20th 2016 in Clarkson N.Y. Monroe county. 13 point 141 1/8 net

Non Typical Bow  
My father Jim Hudgins shot this archery buck in Suffolk County on 11/27/16 while hunting by himself. We got it green scored at 220 gross by our taxidermist. …

Typical Gun, 147 
Harvested on November 19, 2016 at 9am ET. I heard the crunching of leaves as he approached me. I was looking out the opposite window of my blind. As …

He is an 11 pt and weighs 170 dressed. he was shot in owego, ny on 11-12-16.

Typical Bow 

Typical bow 157.3 12 point 
It was November 1st 2013 sitting in my stand where 3 days prior I seen the buck we call picket fence. It was a rather slow night and getting close to the …

Typical Bow 
I took this 9 pointer on November 10, 2014 chasing a doe. My biggest buck to date.

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Typical Gun, 158-1  
The buck scored 173-5 gross and 158-1 net. I shot him on Nov. 14, 2015 in Saratoga county, town of Day. I was still hunting at the time and saw the …

Typical Gun, 150.3  
Taken 12-12-15 in Franklinville, NY... Cattaraugus County. 9-pt, Gross Score 150-3, Net Score 140-5 Biggest buck of my life.

Typical Bow 126-1 
Typical 10 point shot in Kendall NY

Typical Gun, 144-4 
Gross score of 148-6. Ten points with long brow tines and very few deductions. Still in shock.

Typical, Gun 
Anthony S. Pennachio Sr. shot this 8 pt. buck on Nov 21, 2015 in Oswego, NY with his custom made 300 Win Mag

Archery 2015 
Took this 8 point in Rathbone, NY in Steuben County on Friday, November 13, 2015. Walked right in to within 8 yards. My Uncle Ron Worboys helped track …

Typical Muzzloader Not Yet Rated 
Opening day of the 2015 muzzle loader season, the weather was perfect. A shower had passed through the area just before sunrise making our walk into the …

Typical Gun 159-2 
I had a friend come up to Danby NY to hunt with me back in 2002 because hunting was suspended in his area (MD) due to that sniper incident. First night …

Typical Archery 124-3 
8-point typical 126 5/8 gross 124 3/8 net 20 3/8 inside Monroe County Two years and tons of pictures of this deer. Stopped him at 15 yards following …

Typical, Archery 
I took this awesome 13-point buck on November 7, 2014 on state land in Allegany County. He and four much smaller bucks were chasing a doe. This was …


Archery Bear 22-10/16 
Arthur Anson with 250 lb. bear taken in St Lawrence County at 15 yards with PSE DNA and RAGE broadhead.

Typical-Bow 134-2 
My 35 year Dream Came TRUE After 35 years of bow hunting I finally got a buck that I have been dreaming about for years. On Oct. 25, 2014 I killed the …

Typical Gun 130 
My dad went up to Kansas that week wasn't expecting to go up to NY for opening day of rifle this year but he got a monster 10 point whitetail buck opening …

Non Typical Gun 
Taken in Chenango County by Brandon Smith, on 11/15/2014, 16-point, 22 inch spread, field dressed at 200lbs, in the process of being scored

Typical Gun, 146-5 
Tony Sparozic, Harvested 11/25/2014 in Orange County, NY. 22" spread, 146 1/2 green gross score, green net score 141 5/8, estimated live weight 220lb.... …

Typical Bow, 129-5 
Nine point buck taken by Jeremy Meisenzahl in Monroe County... Henrietta New York Buck taken on 10-28-2014

Typical Gun, 150 3/8 
Taken in Livingston County on 11/25/2014. 25.5" main beams and a 21" spread.

Typical Gun 
12-Point buck with 18 inch spread, shot in Schuyler County... Town of Orange, November 16, 2014.

Typical Gun 
11 point buck taken at 7:30AM in Erie County on 11/15/14 by Gary Balone.

9 point

Typic gun 
Madeline Alfieri shot this 7-point in the Town of Rush in Monroe County on 11/15/2014

Archery Typical 151-7 
Taken on Nov. 4, 2012 with a bow and is the new Chemung County record archery buck. Gross score 156 7/8... Net 151 7/8.

Typical Gun 151-5 
I took this beautiful buck on November 20, 2013 right during the peak rut. A cold day with about four inches of fresh snow. It was a classic story of a …

Typical Bow, 124-3 
This is my 9-point taken with my bow on October 12, 2013 on an evening sit in Livingston County. Gross score 129-7, net 124-3 field dressed at 198 lbs. …

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125-7 123 archery typical 
I got this deer in 2000 when I was in high school on the opening night of archery season. He came up the ridge I've seen him the year before. So I moved …

Typical Archery, 129-5 
The 13-point grossed 137-7 with a net of 129-5, he weighed 160lbs, had a 18 6/8" spread and was taken on Nov. 1, 2013. This was the first buck I had ever …

Typical Archery, 135-1 Gross, 131-7 Net.  
My largest archery buck to date and my first entry into the Book. A typical 10 point with a very tight rack. Taken on 10/13/2013 in Seneca County.

Archery Non-Typical net 176 1/8 gross 182 1/8 Livingston County 
This buck was taken November 8, 2013 in Livingston County, NY.

Typical Gun, 143-0  
10-point taken in Killawog, NY. The buck dressed out at 202 lbs. 18 1/2" inside spread. G3's are 11 3/4". Taken on November 26, 2013.

9 point 16" spread my friend Shawn Weirs shot him in Otisco, NY Onondaga County 11/16/13

Typical Muzzleloader, Green Score 140 
Eleven point taken on opening day in Livingston County town of Dalton. Biggest buck ever taken off family property.

Typical Bow 140 1/4 
I was hunting on November 7 2013 with my 12 year old son Joseph in Cayuga county. It's his first year hunting for deer. We had seen this buck two times …

Typical Archery 151.7 
The buck is a 10-point, weighed in at 240 pounds, with a 20 inch spread. The gross score is 156.7 and net 151.7. Taken in Chemung County, NY on November …

2012 Non-Typical Archery, 188-1 gross 172-4 net 
I shot him October 1, 2012 at 41 yards after he came by with two other times about 65 yards with a 8pt and 6pt. Finally the third time he decided too take …

Typical Gun 140-3 
10-point weighing 179 lbs dressed. State land in Delaware County.

Typical Archery 136-1 
9-point buck taken by bow in Livingston County on 10/4/2012. During the spring of 2012, my son found the left side shed from the previous season, about …

Typical Archery, 134-5 
8-point, Inside spread 17-1/2 G2 left side 12-1 right side 10-3 4 1/2 year old dressed 215lb First deer ever taken with bow

Typical archery, 140-4 
This is a buck that I have trail camera pictures of from 2011 and 2012. I got a picture of him on October 1st so I had hopes he would stay in the area. …

Typical Gun, 19 1/16 Black Bear 
Black Bear Hunter: Michael Austin Taken With: Browning A-bolt 30-06 Location: Kumph Mountain, Essex County NY Final Score: 19 & 1/16 Weight: 320 …

Typical Gun, 173-5 Gross. 
Wyoming County 12-point, officially scored as a typical-Gross total 173-5 by NYBBC, Non-typical net 168-4, Typical net 150-4. Aged at 4-1/2 years old. …

Archery Buck 165-5/8 
17-point buck taken on Veterans day 2012 near Bloomfield, NY with bow. He was determined to be roughly 2-1/2years old and dressed out at around 175lbs. …

Typical - Muzzleloader, Green Score 169.4 
10-Point taken 11/25/2012 with TC Encore 50 Ca. Muzzleloader, 150 gr. Triple Seven powder and 245 gr. Aerotip Powerbelt Sabot. Gross Score 169.4, Inside …

Typical, Gun 
Heather White started off with a bang - this 12 point buck taken in Hillsdale, NY, Columbia County, on 11/18/12 was very her first deer. She used her …

12/12/12 Muzzleloader Buck 
Matt Bennett and his 12/12/2012 Livingston County buck taken with TC muzzloader. Not yet scored.

Non-Typical Archery, 
12-point non typical buck scoring 140(green, 160lbs having a 14" inside spread. 10 minutes before I shot the buck it was getting chased by a coyote.I called …

typical gun 
11 point shot opening day of shotgun 2012 in Seneca Falls, NY

Typical Gun 
Didn't know about this club, shot this buck sometime ago but all ways thought it was a brute for Broome County NY.

Typical Gun, 10-pt Unscored 
This buck was shot by Joe Curesky in Ulster County in the town of Kerhonkson. It was shot on Friday morning 11/23/12 at 7:30AM. It is a 10-point with an …

Typical Gun - 151 Gross 
12-point taken 11-19-2011 187 lbs in Caroline NY Tioga County. Scored 151 gross

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Typical Gun, 157-0 
This typical 8-point was taken by Tom Cunningham opening day of the 2012 regular firearms season in Onondaga County. The buck had a live weight of 210 …

Typical Gun 164-3 
"The Second Chance Buck", his second mistake was my second chance to score. The Buck was shot in Springwater, New York on 11/17/12 and has 12 points. …

195 lbs 10-Point 
This Deer was harvested by David Gerardi in Saratoga County 19inch inside spread , with 30 inch neck. This is the biggest buck taken on the family Farm. …

2012 Typical Gun.. Not Scored 
My opening day buck taken in Middleburgh, NY (Schoharie Co.)

Typical Bow Green Score 152 
It started out a pretty chilly morning, me and my nephew were hunting. We first encountered a 6 point. I was grunting at him and my nephew shot at him …

Typical Archery, 140-3 
This is my 2011 archery buck harvested in Genesee Co. He is an 8 point with an 18 inch inside spread with 24.5 main beams. He has 10.5 inch G2's and dressed …

Typical, Archery 158 5/8 
I took this buck on November 8, 2008 in Chautuaqua County. I had an idea there was a big buck in the area because a nearby powerline had several poles …

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