Typical Muzzloader Not Yet Rated

by Dan Zangari
(Steuben, NY)

Oneida County Baby !!

Oneida County Baby !!

Opening day of the 2015 muzzle loader season, the weather was perfect. A shower had passed through the area just before sunrise making our walk into the woods nice and quiet.

At approximately 7:45 am, I spotted a large deer walking along a trail about 50 yards away from me. I pulled up and discovered a nice tall rack of antlers !

The deer was not spooked, and as he browsed along in my crosshairs I counted 6 points. I had the drop on him, and just as I was about to cock my T/C Encore Endeavor, I caught movement behind this gorgeous 6 pointer. I put my scope on the movement and saw an even larger buck walking along the same trail !

No more thinking about it, I squeezed off my shot. BAM !! The second buck dropped immediately in his tracks although I'm still not quite sure how I didn't drop in mine.

After about 15 minutes I managed to regain enough composure to inspect my harvest. Lo and behold, it was this beautiful 8 point buck with an 18 and a half inch spread between his antler tips !!

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