Typical archery, 140-4

by Michael Yates
(Livingston County)

This is a buck that I have trail camera pictures of from 2011 and 2012. I got a picture of him on October 1st so I had hopes he would stay in the area.

After hunting the area several times early season without a sighting I figured I would give it a rest for a week or so until the rut started to come in. As luck would have it on the afternoon of October 26, 2012 I had a doe come running in as if something was behind her. It was a small fork horn.

As they moved off I decided to use my grunt call to mess with him. About a minute later I heard water splashing in the creek behind me and this brute was heading right for me. Not that any shot is easy on a big buck, but this was as good as it gets at 15 yards quartering away as he went by my stand.

I called some hunting buddies and told them to get their tracking gear. When we walked up on him he was actually bigger than I originally thought. Pretty awesome!

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